Pünktlich zu den frostigen Temperaturen: The Minoru Jacket
by Ms Fisher on

Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge
by Ms Fisher on

Bequeme Flamé-Sterne
by Ms Fisher on

Zwiebellook mit #myfallessentials
by Ms Fisher on

RUMS: Mein LudwigLässig
by Ms Fisher on

MMM in Erinnerung an einen wunderschönen Sommer
by Ms Fisher on


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Hey, this is Sindy!
I adore handmade things with "that certain something". The smalls details that highlight e.g. a simple blouse or bag, that's what I'm looking for and that's what I collect with my blog.
Hope you enjoy your stay and if you'd like to say hello, just hop into my profile to find my email. I'm looking forward to your ideas!


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